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Foggy Pier


Psychotherapy for couples, individuals and families

*Most sessions are remote, on Zoom or Skype *

"considering how dangerous everything is, nothing is really very frightening"

Gertrude Stein


Coming to therapy often feels scary. That's reasonable.
I believe that therapy shouldn't be intimidating, obscure, boring or endless. At the very least it should be interesting, very often helpful, sometimes revelatory and unique to every individual, couple or family.
I can be a great therapist, but also, not  necessarily the right therapist for you: we'll know if that's the case very early on. If that's so, I can suggest other good therapists.
That's why I generally suggest coming to an initial session to see how you feel about it. After we meet, you can either book another session with me, or move on to another therapist. You can trust your instincts to know if it feels helpful for us to work together and you're always entitled to change your mind at any point.

Calm Sea


Couple, individual and family therapy

Ducks Over the Lake


As human beings, we're naturally relational. That doesn't mean that relationships are easy. Apart from anything else, everyone other than ourselves is really annoying - they are different from us, want different things and do things in different ways. Tricky. 
Coming to couple therapy is not an admission of defeat: it demonstrates bravery and a commitment to making the relationship work as well as possible for both people.

Calm Sea


Families are where we learn about relating. They're very particular and all of them work differently, according to beliefs, history, culture and a million other variables. They come in many, many forms, but all of them can sometimes use support or help or even an unbiased eye, to suggest ways forward with family issues, life stages or relationships.



A space for you to consider your present, past or future. Not intimidating, not arcane or magic - just thinking and talking about yourself, your feelings and thoughts. At the very least, it's an illuminating process, sometimes it's life-changing. You don't have to commit to endless sessions before knowing if you find it helpful - people tend to know quite quickly.

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